Sophie, why can't you walk?

This storybook portrays the personal experiences and reflections of eight young members with Muscular Dystrophy. The book aims to break down the alienation between the able-bodied and the disabled by educating children about empathy and acceptance.

Who should read this book?
The book is suitable for everyone, young or old. Children with disabilities and their caregivers reading this inspiring book will gain much strength and knowledge in coping with the challenges faced. For the youths reading this book, they will be better able to understand their peers with disabilities.


Sophie is a bright young girl who loves to draw. She is excited to make friends at her new school but not all of her classmates are as accepting of her as she had hoped because of her physical disability. Sophie has Muscular Dystrophy, a condition that causes her muscles to weaken over time. With support from her parents as well as her old and new-found friends, Sophie must work hard to find her place among her peers while dealing with her own personal challenges. Join Sophie as she embarks on this amazing journey of self-discovery, love and hope.

Public Talks

MDAS had conducted talks on disability awareness through storytelling at various public libraries in the month of July and August 2010.

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View Past Comments

This is an excellent book, it is easy to read with nice illustrations. It deals well with everyday issues such as people who are different from the usual and childhood bullying. I would recommend this work for all primary school libraries.

Diane Koh, Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore

I think that the book is very inspiring and it contains how the typical lives of people with Muscular Dystrophy are like. The structure of the book is nice and the decorations or design of the book is pretty.

Wei Xuan

Thank you for sending me this book. Good stuff!

Tommy Lim 

The book brings out what MD friends really go through in the local context. It will be a good educational book to educate and expose children to MD.

Chua Xin Jie Melina

There were several salient "The Upside of Down" points in this book.

First and foremost, it was well written and the illustrations depicted certain "turning points" very aptly. Secondly, the story is a rather accurate reflection of life's peaks and valleys - pertinent to someone with muscular dystrophy. A classic case of "Fractured Will" was portrayed when Sophie turned her back on the Art Room. In another incident, true grit and faith were summoned when Sophie accepted her worsening conditions and opted for the surgical operation. Finally compassion was shown when Sophie "wheeled off" to get help for Royston - a classmate who has constantly been taunting her.

This book is certainly a Must Read not just for those who are physically challenged, but each and everyone who wants to embark on a journey of self-discovery to find love, kindness and courage. The book is also an opportunity for parents and their children to read and have an intimate dialogue via the "Discussion Questions" to build the bond between them.

The only suggestion I have is to have another sequel written on the future challenges ahead and the positive achievements, titled "Run, Sophie, Run" (metaphorically speaking).

Edward Whistler Goh

Having read the book, I feel that it is not only great in content but it helps the man of the street to understand what Muscular Dystrophy (MD) is all about. It also gives a glimpse of what a child with MD, goes through on a daily basis in school, at home and in other settings. Their feelings and emotions, their internal struggles and what they have to grapple with daily. I enjoyed reading the book because it is easy reading and it also increases my knowledge about MD. I would definitely recommend this book to my family and friends.

Lim Ser Hui


This storybook has been made possible by the following sponsors:

Lee Foundation

National Library Board

Rotaract Club of Singapore (City)

Singapore Totalisator Board

Singapore Turf Club

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