Public Transport Updates

Being able to commute via public transportation promotes independence and mobility. While we look forward to the day when public buses and MRT networks in Singapore become fully accessible, we would like to encourage our members to make full use of the public transport system wherever possible. Thus, we hope you will find the following information useful.

Discounts on Travel Fare

Persons with Disabilities can use Public Transport Concession Scheme for Persons with Disabilities to enjoy fare discounts for travel on public transport. Do visit SGenable site here for more information.

In addition, you can also tap your concession card at the Green Man + pedestrian crossings for longer green man time.

Presently, about 80% of the public buses are wheelchair accessible. It is expected that by 2020, 100% of the fleet will be fully accessible.

Update on SMRT Wheelchair Accessible Bus (WAB) Service

With effect from 13 Feb 2017, all 202 bus services, except for 8, 23, 46, 81, 160, 170, 191 and 401 are wheelchair accessible.
Please only flag down the buses which carry the International Symbol of Access.


Do visit SMRT website at for further details

All MRT Stations are wheelchair accessible. Pease visit  to view the full MRT/LRT System Map 

Click on if you would like to check on more details for each MRT line, how to get around within the stations and where the accessible MRT exits are located.

Update on SBS Transit Wheelchair Accessible Bus (WAB) Service

With effect from 21 August 2017, all 205 but routes operated by SBS Transit will be wheelchair accessible. This will include Chinatown Direct, City Direct, Express, Fast Forward and Nite Owl services and will enable Passengers-in-Wheelchairs (PIWs) to enjoy greater access and convenience in getting around to more destinations.

A total of 96% of the fleet is wheelchair-accessible, PIWs should only board those that are wheelchair-friendly. These buses can be easily identified by the International Symbol of Access displayed on their front windscreens. PIWs may also check for the bus arrival timings using the mobile app where buses that are wheelchair-friendly will have a wheelchair logo displayed next to the arrival time.

Please note that there are a few bus stops/boarding berths that are not yet wheelchair-accessible. For safety reasons, the buses will not be able to board or alight PIWs at these stops. PIWs can check our website ( or call our Customer Relations Centre at 1800- 287 2727 for information on bus stops that are not yet wheelchair-accessible.

Do visit SBS Transit’s website to check the bus schedules at

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