Programmes & Services

MDAS offers a plethora of exciting and enriching programmes and services tailored to the different needs of its members and their families at each stage in life. The association adopts a holistic approach and a long-term vision in developing its initiatives.

Firstly, the cocktail of programmes and services is all encompassing. The initiatives accommodate varying interests and cater to the physical, psychological, emotional, and social needs of each member. At the same time, MDAS endeavours to support the caregivers as they face emotionally taxing and physically draining daily challenges.

Secondly, the initiatives complement one another seamlessly as our members move through life and grow in maturity. At the initial stages, the programmes and services would nurture our young members and help them find their places in life. Subsequently, other increasingly sophisticated programmes would augment their capacity to live independently and contribute meaningfully to society.

Some of our initiatives are also undertaken to reach out to the wider community through public education and awareness campaigns. This would help to foster a more conducive external environment for the empowerment of our members.

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