BizPower Service

BizPower has grown over the years to become a centre-based employment programme that offers young adults with severe Muscular Dystrophy the opportunity to engage in meaningful employment. This greatly bolsters members’ sense of self-worth and helps them to secure a modicum of financial independence.

Branded as BizPower, the dynamic team has amassed a glittering portfolio over the years. It is well placed to take on projects pertaining to website development and the design of print collaterals, such as calendars, notebooks, cards, brochures and flyers.

Your support will provide BizPower with invaluable employment opportunities, empower them in terms of financial independence, and enable them to better integrate into mainstream society.

For more information, please do visit BizPower’s website at to view their portfolio and testimonial.

Our range of products and services include: 

  • Greeting Cards - Year-End, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali
  • Customised Cards such as Birthday Card, Invitation Card, Sympathy Card
  • Festive eCards (available in static, gif and flash formats)
  • Print & Digital Design such as poster, brochure, flyer, newsletter, calendar, logos
  • Web Development & maintenance

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