Kaelyn was born normal but at 6 months old, we were told by a neurologist that she has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 1. When we heard and learnt about the condition, our world came crashing down. This was like death sentence for our girl. We were told that she may die in 2 years (an average lifespan for SMA Type 1 kids). At that time, we couldn't accept this fact - our girl's life will be over in such a short time. 

We pondered and grieved over her condition every time we looked at her innocent and always cheerful face. We didn't want to remain depressed as Kaelyn would wonder why there was so much sorrow in her life. We wanted her to experience love. We wanted her to be happy and have a smile always. We told ourselves we should face the ordeals of SMA together with Kaelyn. Kaelyn does have her ups and downs in life. She gets admitted into hospital occasionally and was intubated a few times. She needs to have her airways suctioned daily. But take away her SMA and her medical emergencies, Kaelyn is just like a normal girl who likes to play and learn.

She loves her toys.
She loves to nibble and taste food.
She loves to go to the playground.
She is contented to sit in her stroller and watch other kids play.

Look beyond the disease and we have a normal little girl. We are just normal parents who want to love their child and keep her happy, no matter what condition the child has.

Kaelyn passed away peacefully on the 23rd April 2015 – she had just turned 3.

Though gone, memories of a happy and cheerful Kaelyn lingers strongly in our hearts.

We remember.
Kelvin & Shuhui

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