I have been a member of MDAS since 2007. I remember how reluctant I was to go to MDAS initially, but I gave in after much persuasion. Upon reaching MDAS, I was warmly greeted by Sherena and she gladly introduced me to the place and members. My perspective of MDAS changed after the first visit. In fact, I actually look forward to every subsequent visit.

The many classes I was enrolled in, helped boost my confidence and I was empowered to do things, and learnt to rely less on others. I was encouraged to participate in various activities and outings. Over time, I made friends. I see the change in myself from the shy girl who refused to talk to become someone who dares to confidently give instructions and even guide others.

I witnessed how BizPower was set up. As we were unsuitable for open employment, we were taught skills to do designing work. The team is now able to take up jobs like handbag and graphic design. I am an active member of MDAS and I am at MDAS three times a week to attend various programmes. I also benefit from MDAS Home-based Respite Care service. On the days when I go to MDAS, the nurse visits my home to assist me with my daily routine and get me ready for MDAS transport.

I used to be able to push myself on a manual wheelchair. However, my condition has weakened and I will have to use a motorised wheelchair soon. Despite the drawback, I am looking forward to joining the Power Soccer team as soon as I get my motorised wheelchair.

Coming to MDAS has kept me meaningfully occupied. If there was no MDAS, I would have stayed at home and do nothing much. Through coming to MDAS, I have gained friendship and knowledge. It has changed my perspective of life. I see the transformation myself and I would proudly call MDAS my second home. 

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