Nickolas and Ernest

Bothers, Nickolas and Ernest were like any other kids when they were younger. However, 4 years ago their muscular dystrophy condition became prevalent and the brothers lost their ability to walk. The news came as a blow to the family. Feeling alone and different from their schoolmates, they began to shy away, losing all confidence and interest in their studies. Concerned about their plight, their teacher contacted MDAS to seek help

Upon joining MDAS, the brothers were immediately enrolled into our kids development program that aims to build self-confidence and resilience among our younger members. MDAS provided a nurturing environment, encouraged the brothers to continue their learning process and not to give up. To ensure that they did not lag too far behind from school, tuition was arranged to give the boys the assurance to cope academically upon returning to school.  Weekly therapy session was also provided to slow down their muscle degeneration and delay onset contractures.

Over time, the boys gradually regained confidence and went back to school. Nickolas and Ernest, now aged 15 and 13 are positive and confident teens attending mainstream Secondary School. MDAS provides financial support for specialised transport to and from school. Overtime, the brothers have been transformed – they are happy to attend school and this can be seen from their improved results.

“MDAS helped us discover our strengths and gave us courage to continue on. Thank you for not giving up on us. You showed us that despite muscular dystrophy there is still hope and meaning in life.”

Nickolas and Ernest

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